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New Cycle Paths Are Being Planned for Eastern Side of Debrecen

According to the tender of the Municipality of Debrecen, a cycle path is planned to build on Wesselényi Road connecting the previous cycling path starting from the building of Keletterv to the road Vágóhíd. On Vágóhíd Street, around the Lion Office Center, a separate walkway and cycle path of 582 meters will be developed. This is an important development considering several offices and companies including the Hajdú-Bihar County Tax and Customs Directorate, Flowserve and Diehl is located in the Office center.

Another bicycle path of nearly 3,5 km will be built on Diószegi Road. The starting point will be Vágóhíd Street – Diószegi Street – Bihari Street and its endpoint will be the intersection of Diószegi Street and Sikló Street.

The municipality has recently put out a call for tenders for the construction of another cycle path. The nearly three-meter-wide footpath and bicycle path will start at Kishatár Street, at the roundabout leading to the Auchan, and will continue along Kishatár Street and Torockó Street until Kunhalom Street. The bicycle path will improve bike access and safety to the industrial park located in the western part of Debrecen, as well as the various department stores located there.

Debrecen’s bicycle path network is already over 80 kilometers, which the municipality intends to extend by another 22 kilometers of cycle paths via various projects listed above.



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