New Innovation Center for the University of Debrecen

The three-story will be built in the University's Vezér Street Innovation Park within one year.

Photo credit: Municipality of Debrecen

The center will be built on a site of more than 70-hectares known as UD Science, Technology and Innovation Park on Vezér Street. The center with an area of more than 5,000 square meters, will provide space for incubation activities and innovation processes.

With the development, the government and the institution are aiming to make the University of Debrecen even closer to the world’s leading higher education institutions.

There will be a lab and workshop level on the ground floor, the community innovation “marketplace” on the first floor, while offices at the top. Next to the building, two artificial hills will be built in the longitudinal direction, one of which will house the engineering and bicycle storage facilities.

The institution will also host an experimental research lab. It will be built from the 6 billion HUF, EU funding that the Univesity won for facilitating a connection between the university and companies in the health industry.

In addition to the University of Debrecen, the project partners are Gedeon Richter and Fluart Innovative Vaccines Kft.

“During the four-year program, the small-scale pilot vaccine production will be carried out in the plant, which could pave the way for the construction of a planned national vaccine plant after registration in clinical trials – hopefully in Debrecen”, announced Zoltán Szilvássy, rector of the university.

The foundation of the main building has already been completed by the company that won the earlier tender. Public procurement has already been announced for execution. The plans of the building were made by Bordás Péter who also designed the Stadium and the International School of Debrecen. The state provided HUF 3 billion 883 million for the construction of the Innovation Center.


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