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New Museum Close to Debrecen

Vámospércs always wanted to have a museum and it is becoming true.

The 12th of December is a red letter day in the history of Vámospércs (small town 20 km away from Debrecen) as on this day since 1605, István Bocskai sanctioned the patent letter about the resettlement and special legal status of the 9245 Hajdú soldiers at the National Assembly in Korpona for the end of the revolutionary war.

The prince of Hungary and Transylvania, in recognition of their military merits and loyalty, donated collective noble rank, administrative entitlements, and lands to the inhabitants of the Hajdú-towns. He was not forgetting the desire for religious freedom, and in return, he kept military assistance, obedience, and loyalty, as the patent letter says:

“And so that our mentioned soldiers do not spread out of their unsafe dwellings, they are always ready to come together.”

The twelfth of December is more than just being an important entry in the great historical book, so the old and new Hajdú towns were also using for various commemorations to strengthen their own identity, their inherited heritage, and their productive development for centuries.

Vámospércs, the smallest of the old Hajdú-towns, was brave enough to dream a great dream. After several years of preparation and a successful application, they have the opportunity to implement one of their oldest effort: creating the Hajdú Museum, a Visitor Centre and the Adventure Park.

“This year, the celebration of December 12th is a dual purpose for us. On the one hand, as a sign of our gratitude, we place the wreaths of honor at the statue of István Bocskai, in the park before our future museum, commemorating the “Moses of Hungarians”. On the other hand, we hold a professional day and press conference about the museum’s targets, professional concept, and the possibilities of setting up a museum in the 21st century from 2.30 pm in the auditorium of the Town Hall.”

–said Ms. Andrea Ménes, deputy major of Vámospércs. Mr. László Tasó, Member of Parliament also speaks at the event, Mrs. Korompainé Marianna Mocsnik, Museum County Coordinator and Mr. Róbert Bolyácz, the team leader of the Educational and Methodological Center of the Open Air Ethnographic Museum in Szentendre give a presentation.



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