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New Wing of Debrecen Ice Hall Now Available to Our Hockey Teams.

From next season, hockey players from the DEAC Erste and the junior team will start their ice hockey battles from new facilities.
The new 420 square meter building has changing rooms, a multifunctional room, a laundry, a meeting room, and offices. From now on, players from the DEAC hockey team will be welcomed with a named locker room in the new building wing of the Debrecen Ice Hall.

The multifunctional training room has been completed, in which the training of the various age groups of the DHK youth is carried out. The building also has a laundry room, offices and a meeting room. At the opening ceremony, András Fodor, the president of the Debrecen Hockey Club, emphasized that there was a great need for development, as the sport is becoming more and more popular in the city.

When we started this hockey story in Debrecen in the late 2010s, in front of TAO sources, about 100-120 kids tried hockey in the city. Now we have finished the season with 270 in the DHK team – András Fodor pointed out. The investment would not have been possible without the support of the University of Debrecen.

The DEAC hockey team is one of the most popular in the city and among university sports associations, it was essential that the right conditions and environment be provided for this. “We added faith and did not let that go, and the contractor also played a very big role in this, who came up with an extremely down to earth offer in connection with the construction and kept it going,” said Zoltán Bács, Chancellor of the University of Debrecen.

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Lajos Kósa attended the opening of the new wing of the Ice Hall of Derék Street Lajos Kósa. At the event the president of the Hungarian National Skating Association emphasized that since 2004 two large halls have been built on Derék Street, and together with the international events held in the Phoenix Hall, the city has three indoor ice rinks.

He added that the facilities serve not only professional sports, but also the people of Debrecen. – I know the country’s ice skating capacities. I have to say that not one or two cities, but almost all of them are now envious of Debrecen because the capacities are expanding step by step here and this can be seen in the sports performance as well – Lajos Kósa emphasized.

He added that the long-term goal is to create an ice rink for 2500-3000 people as well. The development was implemented from HUF 300 million TAO funds.


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