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Friday, December 6, 2019

New Innovation Center for the University of Debrecen

The center will be built on a site of more than 70-hectares known as UD Science, Technology and Innovation Park on Vezér...
Christmas Traditions Hungary

Hungarian Christmas Traditions

In Hungary, the Christmas season begins with Advent at either the end of November or the beginning of December, a time...
Krasznahorkayattila Atomki

Has Atomki Team Found the Unifying Fifth Force of Physics?

While Einstein conceived of the Unified Field theory, it might well be a Hungarian team at the Institute for Nuclear Research at...

International School of Debrecen Has a New Director

According to the decision of the General Assembly of Debrecen, Ms. Trina Arsenault, the current elementary school principal, has been appointed the...
Dosa Nador Square Renovation 01

The Renovation of Dósa Nádor Square Will Begin in the New Year

At the beginning of next year, the Dósa Nádor Square will be completely renovated as part of the New Phoenix Plan Green...
Debrecen Digital Awards 2019

Debrecen Became the Capital of the Internet Again

For the 18th time, the Hungarian Marketing Association and the Internet Marketing Association have announced the results of the competition for the...

Endre Ady’s Life and Memory in Debrecen

Ady was born into an impoverished noble family, studied law in Debrecen, but he was more attracted to bohemian life, so he...

Economy Protection Action Plan 2.0

During an interview on Kossuth radio last week, PM Orban called attention to the European economic slowdown and the Brexit.

Young Entrepreneur Of The Year is the CEO of Innonic

FIVOSZ rewards entrepreneurs who, despite their young age, create great value, both financially and socially. "Recognition is particularly important...
Exhibition Tamas Varga Photo Budapest

Debrecen Local Tamás Varga’s Photo Exhibition Shown in Budapest

Tamás Varga presents his works with the world's second-oldest photo process. Tamás Varga does not accept the relatively common forms of photography...
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