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Monday, March 30, 2020

The Top 10 Restaurants in Rural Hungary in 2020

The IKON in Debrecen is one of three restaurants in Eastern Hungary that ranks among the top 10 in the “Best Country Restaurants” list.

History of the Famous “Cívis” Life

The country is most familiar with Debrecen as a “cívis” city, but in fact, many of the smaller settlements in the Great...

Famous building in Debrecen: The Palace of János Wolff, the Brigadier General

On the corner of Péterfia street, 46 and Thaly Kálmán Street stands the former place of János Wolff, the Brigadier General of...

Interesting Facts about the Streets of Debrecen

The earliest known map of Debrecen is from 1750, which shows the town surrounded by a plank and gates. This map is...

Debrecen Ceases Milan Flight and Reduced Service to Tel Aviv

On the 28th of February 2020, Wizz Air announced the closure of the Debrecen-Milan flight route due to a significant drop in...
Wizz Air Debrecen

Passenger Traffic at Debrecen Airport Might Exceed 700 Thousand in 2020

There are more passengers traveling not only from Eastern Hungary and Romania but also from Slovakia and Ukraine from the Debrecen Airport....

Discover the Newly Renovated Amber Trail in the Great Forest

Located on the northern border of Debrecen the Great Forest sit upon an area of 1086.1 hectares. The forest was donated by...

Tokaj: A Breathtaking Landscape of Extinct Volcanoes + Vineyards

Tokaj is one of the most stunning wine regions of Hungary and the world. UNESCO listed Tokaj as a World Heritage Cultural...

Extreme Sports Park and Cycling Center Will Be Built

The New Phoenix Plan's Green City program enables improvements in 11 neighborhoods from HUF 6 billion EU and municipal funding.

Hungarian Natural History Museum Might Come to Debrecen

At Thursday's Government Info, it was decided that the Hungarian Natural History Museum would not be moved to a temporary location.