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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Richter Gedeon Scientists’ Club: Health is Our Mission

Richter Gedeon Scientists' Club came to Debrecen today. The event was all about discovering the scientific cause of burn-out and making mistakes.

The Agora team wins Gold -Hungarian Youth Robot Cup

25 teams from all over Hungary took part in the National Youth Robot Cup Competition in Budapest.
Dr, Botond Roska

Dr. Botond Roska, a Role Model for Hungarian Medical Students.

Hungarian born Scientist Dr. Botond Roska is a role model for young scientists worldwide. Roska is cell biologist and world renowned expert...

Latest Pictures – International School of Debrecen

The construction of the International School of Debrecen is running according to the plan, and the school will open in September 2019.

The International School of Debrecen: The Future of Education

The International School of Debrecen is the first private, international school in Debrecen. International School of Debrecen (ISD) is...

The First Dual Engineers Graduate in January

14 mechanical engineer students completed their dual education studies at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Debrecen, receiving their diploma...

Lifelong learning at the University of Debrecen

The University of Debrecen wishes to reduce the school leaving rates. The University of Debrecen supports lifelong learning and...

A New education + Sports Centre is Being Built at the University

A new educational and sports centre is being built at the university A new sports-economy management and Tennis center will be built by...

Multifunctional Learning Center at the University of Debrecen

The modern, multifunctional learning center of the University of Debrecen will serve as community centre and it will be completed by the...