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Saturday, July 20, 2019

New Train Line Proposed to Connect Debrecen, Pécs + Romania

There is a good chance that Romania will join the Schengen area in the coming years, and Hungary is well positioned to...

Debrecen Airport News: Brand New Runway + Flight to Cardiff

As we previously wrote, Wizz Air is already flying to 13 cities from Debrecen in 2019. From these 13, four started at...

Böszörmény Can be a Successful Investment Location

The municipality of Hajdúböszörmény concluded a cooperation agreement with EDC Debrecen Urban and Economic Development Center. The town...
Alföldi Tej

Alföld Tej: The New Dairy Factory is Built

The region's most modern dairy plant is situated in a 30-meter high building. In a huge tower tank, the by-product of cheese...

BMW Reassures Debrecen – Factory Will Go Ahead

The planned 1 Billion Euro BMW factory is slated to be an electric car assembly plant, therefore it would be extremely surprising...

BMW in Debrecen Start Landscaping for New Factory site

The new factory of BMW in Debrecen is likely to create more than a thousand new jobs in the city.
FDI Magazine Awards

Debrecen Wins FDI Magazine FDI Strategy Award.

Debrecen has facilitated the ideal investment environment with its award winning FDI strategy. The overall winner of the FDI Magazine Award...

800 Billion HUF for Debrecen, + International airport

Nearly 800 billion HUF of government funds will be allocated to the developments in Debrecen Within the framework...
Hailing from the Picturesque Rhineland Palatinate region

German Delegation: Automotive Supply Chain Investment.

Following investments by Continental and BMW, it is no coincidence that other businesses from the automotive supply chain would be interested in...

Business Service Centre (BSC) Roundtable 2019

Debrecen Business Service Centre (BSC) Roundtable already celebrated its 1st year anniversary. Debrecen Business Service Centers (BSC)