Ni Hungary Kft + DSZC – Sign Vocational Training Agreement


On the 9th December 2019, NI Hungary Kft. And the Debrecen Vocational Training Center (DSZC), represented by Zsolt Tirpák entered into a strategic agreement with each other to raise its excellent relationship to an even higher level.

The agreement covers a number of areas, including career guidance and apprenticeship in the field of technical vocational training, the provision of open-ended apprenticeships and the development of a school workshop. 

On the occasion of the signing of the document, Lajos Barcsa, Deputy Mayor of Debrecen said: Debrecen’s leadership considers education, including technical training, a priority, as well as its intermediate level represented by the Debrecen Vocational Training Center as very important for the city’s economy and labour market. 

As a result of the joint work of the local government, the DSZC and the companies, a government decision was issued in the first week of December to further develop the technical training of the Debrecen Vocational Training Center. 

This is a package worth HUF 35 billion, the recipients of which – the DSZC Mechwart András Vocational High School, the DSZC Brassai Sámuel Technical Vocational High School, and the DSZC Beregszászi Vocational High School and Vocational Secondary School – are also in agreement. In the coming years and decades, the government’s decision, which provides a great opportunity for the technical training of the University of Debrecen, will guarantee that the already well functioning Debrecen Vocational Training Center will be given a new impetus. 

Companies, including NI Hungary Kft., Are in constant demand of highly qualified staff from vocational training institutes and the university. Together with the Government and the DSZC, the Municipality of Debrecen has developed an educational program that will provide further expansion opportunities in these schools for the construction of colleges, classrooms, workshops and equipment. 

NI Hungary Ltd. is one of the largest employers in Debrecen, and its activities can serve as an example for other companies to work with educational institutions, how to integrate the professional knowledge of companies into education and how all parties can benefit from the cooperation. In this way, educational institutions can provide their students with marketable, post-graduate knowledge, and companies will have access to a highly qualified workforce that meets their needs.

László Abraham, the managing director of NI Hungary Kft., recalled that twelve years ago, the first step in the field of working with vocational training was taken as a pioneering and guiding step in a publicly funded call for cooperation between companies and educational institutions. Then, among other things, they purchased equipment for the Brassai School for educational purposes, and the following year a complete graduate class in mechanical engineering was at NI. The company has been continuously donating educational tools to schools, and since the establishment of the Debrecen Vocational Training Center, this relationship has become even more intense. Among other things, specialist teachers were invited to the company for a week, and educators were introduced to NI’s activities from procurement to manufacturing to logistics. Everybody won with this program because the company could get an idea of ​​what special teachers are interested in. The company already has a dedicated staff member who deals directly with educational institutions. This also shows that the company is organically integrated into electronics education in Debrecen. 

The signing of this strategic agreement is the opening of a new phase of cooperation.

Vocational training in Debrecen is an exceptional opportunity – said Zsolt Tirpák. Chancellor of the Debrecen Vocational Training Center. There is a dynamic economic development environment provided by the municipality, more and more companies are settling in the city, and those who are already here have been given the opportunity to grow and develop. 

It is also very important that the EDC Debrecen City and Economic Development Center conveys the needs of the economy towards education. 

Working with DSZC companies, including NI Hungary Kft., Is deeply rooted and exemplary. It has been more than a decade since we realized that VET is only relevant if the knowledge transferred is usable and current. This can only be achieved with the support and cooperation of companies in terms of developing tools and preparing and motivating students and their teachers. NI has always been open to supporting the Debrecen Vocational Training Center. It is not easy for young people to get to know and love electronic vocational training, and schools alone are not enough for this – information on this will be a motivating force if young people get to know the profession in a “living” environment where knowledge can be utilized. Through this collaboration, more and more young and more motivated young professionals have chosen careers in electronics in recent years. 

Vocational training can adapt to today’s latest industrial revolution. The strategy of Vocational Training 4.0 is based on three pillars: improving the knowledge of educators – NI Hungary Kft. Performs a model activity in this field – offering young people a real career opportunity and a modern, attractive school environment, in Debrecen with the support of local government and government. Through all this, and with the dedication of the DSZC and the support of the companies, the city can become a true regional vocational training center. 

The agreement was signed by László Ábrahám, Managing Director of NI Hungary Ltd. and Zsolt Tirpák, Chancellor of the Debrecen Vocational Training Center.


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