No Snow – No Problem – Mátraszentistván Ski Park


Mátraszentistván Ski Park is Hungary’s most popular ski resort and for good reason. Situated high up in the Mátra Mountains and surrounded by small quaint villages that cater to tourist needs.

In recent years reduced snowfall has threatened this existence, caused, no doubt by global warming. However, the ski resort has taken action to alleviate tourist fears of no snow.

Mátraszentistván Ski Park is no longer at the mercy of the weather, snow can now be provided independently, reliably, thanks to some recent upgrades. The addition of four new state-of-the-art, energy-efficient (and quiet) snow machines which keep the slopes covered for optimal skiing and snowboarding conditions. The machines were supplied by the Polish company Supersnow.

The system is connected to an underground, frost-free mine, the environmentally friendly machines are fully automated, and their heights can be adjusted for wind or other adverse conditions.  

Several kilometers of fiber optic cables have been installed to improve the connectivity of the Ski park not just for Faster Free WiFi for the tourists but also for the machinery on the mountain, such as ski lifts and snow machines which can be controlled remotely via mobile phone.

Snow machines need a source of water to produce snow and so a fourth reservoir was completed, but is dual purpose, during the summer hikers can now rest amidst evergreens on the natural-stone shores along the lake during the summer heat. The reservoir holds 1,000 cubic meters of water, facilitating sufficient snow supply during dry periods.


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