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Photo Exhibition – World Famous Photographer, Bence Máté

Tonight, the Bence Máté exhibition officially opened at the Kossuth square. The open-air exhibition of the world-famous nature photographer was thus far only seen in Budapest.

The photos are presented on 333 square meters of glass tables with 70,000 LEDs illuminating the images.

The aim of the exhibition is to draw attention to the importance of nature conservation and the values ​​that can be protected.

“This exhibition not only opens the gate to nature but also accomplishes a mission; draws attention to the consequences of the devastating destruction of our natural values”

Csaba Aradi, ecologist, stressed in his opening speech.

The exhibition was set up on Thursday evening and thus far nearly 9,000 visitors have already seen it according to the sensors built-into the picture frames.

Government Commissioner for cycling and active relaxation Máriusz Révész, called Bence Máté ” a genius whose pictures provide great lessons” for the next generation.

Bence Máté will hold a presentation about his work at the Kölcsey Center on 20 April. The exhibition can be seen until 28 April on the main square.

Biography of Bence Máté in a Nutshell

Besides countless international nature photography awards, Bence Máté was the first winner of the Year’s Young Nature Photographer, and the winner of Wildlife Photographer of the Year title, and an Oscar Award for photography. Several books and a three-part film series have been published about his work.

Copyrights (Photo): Debrecen Városa and Bence Mate’s Photography



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