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Regional Consultation to Address the Economic Impact of the Coronavirus

The “Creative Region” area including Debrecen will also be included in the government’s emergency measures and working groups will compile an immediate package of proposals to reduce the economic damage caused by the coronavirus epidemic, to be announced by the end of May.

In March 2020, the government established the Coordination Forum of the National, Economic and Cultural Zone of Northeast Hungary. The primary task of the new forum is to prepare a development plan for the region. The last meeting of the forum was on 30 April 2020 in Debrecen.

The presidents of the four-county assemblies and the mayors of the four-county capitals reviewed the possible measures related to the “Creative Region – Infinite Development” program and suggested to compile a package of regional proposals by the end of May.

The aim of the program is to develop Northeast Hungary and the areas beyond the border into a single economic, educational and cultural area. Common thinking plays a key role in the sustainable development of the region.

The focus of the initiative is Debrecen, but Miskolc and Szolnok also have a strong investor appeal. With Nyíregyháza in particular with outstanding cross-border connections.

The diversity of counties and cities makes it possible to successfully utilize each other’s good practices. According to the government’s decision, there will be opportunities for developments including the harmonization of highway cadastres, public transport developments, and education systems.

Photo credit: Municipality of Debrecen 


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