The Renovation of Dósa Nádor Square Will Begin in the New Year


At the beginning of next year, the Dósa Nádor Square will be completely renovated as part of the New Phoenix Plan Green City program. The investment and renovation work will also affect the Rozsa, Zamenhof, Vár and Liszt Ferenc streets.

After the renovation, it will not be possible to drive to Dósa Nádor Square by car. Contrary to previous plans, there will be no underground parking space under the square, but underground parking will be provided under the Old Town Hall, where there will be at least as many parking spaces as are currently on the surface.

They will create benches, bicycle storage, drinking fountain, three unique wooden play items, and plant nearly 3,500 plants.

The real estate at Dósa Nádor tér 2, 4 and 5 have long been vacant. Now they are purchased by the local government for a total of nearly HUF 350 million and are planned to be resold to 100% subsidies of the local government.


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