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Richter Gedeon Scientists’ Club: Health is Our Mission

Richter Gedeon showed us today that health is not only an important but also an exciting topic.

Richter Gedeon Scientists’ Club came to Debrecen today. The event was all about discovering the scientific cause of burn-out and making mistakes.

Dr. Róbert Kozma, sales and marketing director of Richter Gedeon, opened the event and provided us with a little insight into the life and worldview of the company.

It is remarkable that the company that was founded in 1901 and ran a small-scale pharmaceutical production in the Arany Sas (Golden Eagle) Pharmacy, has become one of the largest pharma companies in the Central and Eastern European region and now, operating in over 40 countries.

It was a special pleasure for us to hear that the company’s biotechnology department operates in Debrecen.

Richter Gedeon Biotechnology Plant Debrecen Hungary - Richter Gedeon Scientists’ Club: Health is Our Mission

The company still finds it important to research and produce original medicines with its team of 1,000 researchers. They also focus on biotechnology and
gynecology products.

Mistakes Are Usually Caused by Emotions

Prof. Dr. Csaba Szántay, Deputy Head of Department of Structural Research at Richter, tried to help us to better understand that making mistakes is not caused by a lack of knowledge in most cases, but by emotions that often influence our thinking causing mistakes.

“There are 42 traps”, Szántay said and continued with some examples.

“One of our greatest mistakes is when we take the first potential solution and we don’t look further”, the expert stated.

We also acknowledged that another common mistake is when “the assumptions are treated as facts”, and it could be very dangerous too, if “we try to solve a professional problem on a social basis”.

“Mental traps are always present and everywhere, but if we begin to realize it, we can see the world from a different perspective”, the researcher concluded.

Nóra Szily Psychologist – Learn to use the Expression “Not Yet”

Nóra Szily drew attention to the signs, dangers and the importance of prevention of burn-out through a personal story.

Richter Gedeon Scientists Club Debrecen 10 - Richter Gedeon Scientists’ Club: Health is Our Mission

“It is a sad fact that people 70% hate to go to work”, stated the famous TV-personality and psychologist. It might be a solution to avoid burn-out, if we sometimes monitor ourselves to check how satisfied we are with our live, she suggested.

We also learn that it is important not only to look after ourselves, but also for the rest of the team and the secret of being successful is to think about what we want and play it out in our head.

Advice for take-way: Finish your day with happy thoughts, and learn using the expression “not yet”, if something is failing. It’s not a success yet.

Similar to the Scientists’ Club, Richer Gedeon plc pays special attention to a range of social responsibility programs including a number of health, scientific, educational and environmental initiatives which promote health and quality of life. It is worth checking it out.



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