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Road Renovation at the Bartók Béla Street

New lanes will be built for left and right turn.

You will be able to turn right from Bartók Béla Street onto Pest Street from a new lane, increasing the flow of traffic ahead into the Master Street.

As part of the New Phoenix Plan, the road transformations started last year and it will continue this year. The purpose of the investment is to accelerate and secure transport in Debrecen.

The transformation of Bartók Béla Road, Pest Street, Mester Street and Böszörményi road Began

In the past, you couldn turn left onto the Böszörményi road from the Bartók Béla road. In the other lane, you could go forward to the Master Street and turn right to Pest Street (only the last few meters had the two lanes apart).

During the transformation, a new right-lane track will be built at the Bartók Béla road, so there will be lanes for the ones who want to turn left or right, or go ahead.

László Papp, Mayor and Lajos Barcsa, Deputy Mayor, told at the press conference that the contractor will have four months to rebuild the junction.

During the renovation, cars will not be able to turn right from Bartók Road to Pest Street. It is recommended to avoid the busy intersection in the coming months.



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