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Road renovations in Debrecen

Debrecen has more than 1000 kilometers of sidewalks, the vast majority of which can be up to 30-50 years old. The surface of the pavement sections has aged in many places, – it has sunk, and cracks have formed on them.

Since 2014, the municipality has carried out pavement repair work on a number of local and large surfaces, including the renovation of 3,500-4,000 square feet of pavement. F

A 400-meter-long sidewalk between Jerikó Street and Bolyai Street will be renovated. Construction begins with upgrading the footpath and bicycle path before Jerikó Street 18.

The next phase of the work will be the large-scale asphalting of parking lots with a perpendicular orientation in front of the buildings at 72 Derék Street. On Kadarcs Street, 220 meters of asphalt will be used on the section between Világos Street and Furulya Street, along with a section of Furulya Street that does not have a solid pavement.

The Cimbalom, Síp, Lant and Dob streets are also covered with asphalt, 516 meters in total. The entire length of Nádsíp Street will be paved, and the contractor will have to install a rainwater drain on the 300-meter road.

A solid paved road with rainwater drainage will be built on the asphalted section of Gohér Street, 260 meters away, and over the Gibér and Vág Street sections of Délibáb Street, 142 meters will be paved.



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