Thursday, June 1, 2023

Rollet app goes global

Rollet offers digitalized tickets instead of paper.

Hungarian startup Rollet has recently won the audience prize at the Property Forum Vienna for its innovative new parking app, and now, it is ready to go global.

The Budapest-based company offers digitalized tickets instead of paper. The application automatically calculates the expenses spent on parking by logging arrival and departure times and pays the bill at the click of a button.

Rollet was originally launched in Debrecen in 2018, as part of Debrecen Smart City initiative. It became very popular almost immediately among Car owners, regular drivers, and casual travelers.

“Alongside the nationwide expansion, our aim is to launch our services on the international market. The feedback we have received at the Property Forum Vienna is so vital for us: it proves that the revolutionary potential of the company is recognized and appreciated”, said Andy Zhang, CEO of Rollet.

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