Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Debrecen Today is the most read English – language portal dedicated to Debrecen and the surrounding area.

Written by native English speakers, we share news with our English speaking community, whether living or just visiting Debrecen and the surrounding area.


Readers growth since the launch in 2018

640,000+ news reach in 2020

13,000+ social followers on social media

38% average organic growth monthly

International audience - About two thirds of our readers are based outside Hungary

Engaged audience - 89% of our readers reads us daily

Wide readership - Expats, foreign managers, university students and tourists.

Advertising formats

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Business + EventsDirectory

The Business Directory section on lines up all the business and services that expats and our English speaking community needs, - whether living or just visiting Debrecen and the surrounding area.

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Press Releases

It is now possible to publish English – language materials in the Press releases section on, by choosing a one-off release when needed, or a subscription with several releases.

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Local jobboard

If you are looking for English-speaking employees who are living in Debrecen and its surroundings, you are at the right place. We can help you find the best employees easily & effectively.


in addition to the ads option listed above, our team can develop compelling stories about your company, products and/or services; and promote it to help you raise awareness of your business. Check out what else we can do for you.


We don't simply translate - we develop compelling stories, news or any content in English. We edit and add native tone. Plus, we promote it in our site and social channel.


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