Smart City Program Update – Will Be Even Smarter


Debrecen’s smart city strategy is well under way.

Debrecen started to develop a wide range of smart city solutions three years ago. Most of these projects are in the field of transport according to László Mátyus, the Smart City expert at EDC Debrecen, speaking at the conference of Világgazdaság.

Currently, Debrecen has one of the largest smart city pilot programs in Hungary. Debrecen has won many companies and investments in the past few years, and if “we don’t deal with smart solutions, it will cause big problems within a few years”, the expert emphasized.

Besides smart logistics solutions, there has also been a focus on developing solutions for digital literacy, energy, and socialization.

Digital literacy is needed because there is no smart city without a smart population. The city needs the population to want and can use these solutions.

Intelligent Camera System and Smart Crosswalk

In 2016, the city’s smart camera system was developed and it is now under construction. Dynamic traffic lights and ticket vending machines have been installed along the new tram line. In addition, WiFi is now freely available on trams and trolleybuses.

Online shopping for e-tickets has been launched, made possible by a new type of ID card.

The first smart zebra crossing of the country was introduced in Debrecen, this detects pedestrians with sensors and then signals to cars. There are seven zebra locations in the city, and thirty across the country.

Since last summer, a smart bike lock and four docking stations have been available at the university.

The Rollet application which helps urban parking was also launched a year ago. It works by having a camera-equipped closed parking zone with a license plate number reader, if the car is registered, it opens the gate at the arrival and the departure; and the application withdraws the parking fee from the credit card.

The city also collaborates with Waze to get data about the traffic in Debrecen and help city leaders determining what could be done differently.

Debrecen is focusing now to create smart bike paths. “In addition to current developments, a cycling navigation will be available on Google Maps this year”, László Mátyus stated.


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