Sóstó Open Air Museum Renovation Completed

A new visitor centre has been built and the reconstruction of the buildings of art objects in the Sóstó Open Air Museum, Nyíregyháza is completed.


Sóstó Open Air Museum presents the life of the peasant and nobility of Satu Mare, Bereg, Rétköz, Nyírség and Avar Mezőség in the typical dwellings, farm buildings, typical home decoration traditions, utensils, and ornaments. The buildings in the center of the museum, such as the school, the Reformed church, the bell tower, the priesthood, the fire department, the café, and the pub wish to recall how the settlement looked in the 19th century.

Ferenc Kovács, the mayor of the county seat, stated that the open-air ethnographic museum opened in 1979, but had never been able to manage such a huge development until now. The investment allows the museum to provide space for major gastronomic-cultural programs and modern events in addition to its basic function of preserving traditions.

The new visitor center houses a new exhibition hall and a museum shop. In order to properly store and restore the works of art, a multi-story building with office space, library, and the meeting room was also built. The open-air stage of the museum received seats, public built toilets and infrastructure for the stage’s mobile systems.

The value of the investment was almost HUF 900 million.

Nyíregyháza-Sóstó has undergone significant development over the last ten years, the nearby zoo and spa have expanded significantly, two new hotels have been built and the surrounding infrastructure has been completely renewed.

Photo credit: nyiregyhaza.info.hu