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Southern Economic Zone Gets New Roads

The aim of the road development is to improve the accessibility of the industrial zone.

The development of transport connections in the Southern Economic Zone of Debrecen has reached another phase.

On the main road 47, starting from the recently developed roundabout at the long-distance junction, the access road to the industrial zone is now being built.

According to the EU public procurement data, Strabag Építőipari Zrt. will carry out the next phase of the construction. The investment of HUF 2.19 billion is aimed at improving the approach to the industrial zone.

In the first phase of the development, a five-branch “turbo” roundabout was handed over last December at the long-distance junction of the 47 main road leading out of the city (near the 5th milestone).

In the project in question, Strabag is tasked with building a road from the east exit of the completed roundabout. The two-lane road will be 1480 meters in length with a pavement width of 7 meters and a compacted ground bed of 1.25-1.25 meters on both sides.

There are three bus bays on the road, and Strabag is also building a nearly 200-meter bike path. In addition, the construction of water supply, stormwater and sewage drainage, public lighting and communication network is also part of the project.

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