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The New Sport Centre “Grund” Opens Its Gates in Józsa

Debrecen's Mayor Opens New "Grund" Sport Center at Opening Ceremony in Józsa.

Sports lovers in Józsa can now benefit from a new sports centre, with exercise necessary to provide a healthy life balance. The Grund sports centre in Józsa provides anyone who wants to do sport with two football fields, a beach volleyball and a running track.

At the opening ceremony, Laszlo Papp, the Mayor of Debrecen stressed that “let us not only talk about the city centre when it comes to developments but let people in every part of Debrecen feel that the city develops united”.

Currently, about 13.000 people are living in Józsa and according to Ákos Balázs, Head of the Fidesz-KDNP in Debrecen. more and more people are choosing Jozsa as their place of residence, including many families with small children. The great interest in Józsa also persuaded the local government to develop a new crèche for the area.

The aim of the Grund project was to create a community space where locals can feel good. In the future, the Grund sports centre might be expanded with a basketball, fitness section and a tennis court. The idea of including a swimming pool was also considered, however, this has proven to be too costly to maintain if implemented.

Grund Smart Mobile App for Simple Booking and Payment

The Grund Sports Center also has a mobile phone application that allows users to access current information including programs, events and developments about the sports park. The app enables you to book and pay for the football fields with a simple click and also tells you how many calories you burned in an hour.



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