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Spring Road Maintenance Works Have Started In The County

Winter operations have ended, and local pavement repairs have begun.

Pavement renovation, vegetation maintenance, garbage collection, as well as maintenance of signs and tape barriers are carried out by specialists of the national road operator company, Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt. The company is asking motorists to be mindful of these works and drive more carefully and with more caution in the affected areas.

Workers are also working on the 4,808 roads between Debrecen and Hosszúpályi. Despite the mild winter, specialists have continued to carry out their tasks in order to ensure traffic safety.

“The number of snowy days was low, but the night frosts that set in at dawn and the thawing during the day called us to work, so our colleagues were out regularly, preventing morning slips”,  Zoltán Szoták, county director of the company, said.

In Hajdú-Bihar, a total of 2,500 tonnes of salt and 120,000 cubic metres of calcium chloride solution were spread on the roads during the winter, he said, adding that the de-slippering was carried out on 1,600 kilometres of the entire road network in the county. Spring work started in the second half of March.

In addition to localised resurfacing and the removal of dangerous potholes, the work includes mowing, vegetation maintenance, litter collection, the installation, coating and cleaning of signs, guide posts and barriers, and the maintenance of traffic lights.

The road management team is working continuously throughout the country.

Road users should check the current restrictions with the company’s website before travelling.

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