Standing Together against Breast Cancer in Debrecen

The Hungarian women's 3x3 national basketball together with the Debrecen Charitable Association fights against breast cancer.


The Debrecen Charitable Association (Debreceni Karitatív Testület in Hungarian) is committed to the fighting against breast cancer. The association, together with the Hungarian women’s 3×3 national basketball team drew attention to the disease and its prevention.

“We are here – with the amazing women of 3×3 women’s basketball teams – to support increasing the number of as many healthy women as possible in Debrecen by raising awareness of the disease and its prevention. Thank you for the basketball team’s support for our initiative”, said Diána Széles, co-chairman of the association and Deputy Mayor of Debrecen.

The T-shirt of the Debrecen-born Dóra Medgyessy was decided at the event, a T-shirt which will be auctioned on the website of the association. The raised amount will be donated for fighting breast cancer.

Diána Széles pointed out at the event that breast cancer is a sneaky disease, but that it can often be prevented by regular self-examination.