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Starpoint Festival 2019

Campus festival just ended and Csillagpont festival just started in Debrecen.

On the university campus at Böszörményi street three thousand registered participants are expecting religious, cultural, scientific, and musical programs at the Starpoint (Csillagpont) festival.

“The aim of the festival is to strengthen the work of the young people of the congregation”, said Péter Bedekovics, head of the Youth Office of the Hungarian Reformed Church.

The organizers want to show this year how God surrounds us, even if we don’t feel it or know it yet.

In the morning, there will be a variety of devotions to choose from and young people will be encouraged to enjoy individual silence. There will be a strong emphasis on small group conversations and praise, and the renewed structure of the keynote presentations will help facilitate inclusion.

Twenty-minute lectures and testimonies, as well as artistic productions, will help to understand the topics instead of one-hour lectures. Programs include a Marvel Quiz night, video and design workshops, a live library, craft classes, and concerts in the evening. The festival will feature Lóci plays, Platon Karataev, The Biebers and Deniz Live.

By using the new “Starpoint app” you can access the full program, compile your own program list, but also find the meeting’s digital vocals, questions for individual silence, a festival map or news from the meeting.

At the five-day festival, you can also protect your environment by collecting waste selectively.

More information: Startpoint festival

Photo credit: Csillagpont

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