Startup Campus comes to Debrecen

The Innovation High School Roadshow will feature lectures and workshops on 13 November in Debrecen.


Between 80-100 lectures will be available when the “Startup Campus” comes to Debrecen in November. The event is designed to help the next generation of entrepreneurs to prepare for future careers.

Today, students need to be aware of digitalization, robotics, and other technologies to succeed in work. The roadshow also seeks to inspire and find students who will be Hungary’s next innovators, spearheading new enterprises, research, and ideas. 

The goal is to create an environment where youth can learn and find support for their inventions and enable Hungary to tap into the next generation of talent.

“It is important to create an inspiring environment where the best students can be discovered, inspired and supported to formulate, develop and implement their ideas and research. We believe that conveying the values ​​and knowledge of startup culture and community through this series of events can facilitate this process. We want to find all kinds of good ideas and talent”, said Zsolt Kovács, CEO of Startup Campus.

The roadshow already has dates for Kaposvár, Miskolc, Debrecen (13 November), Győr, Pécs, and Szeged, and there will be four more cities added for 2020.

Learn more about the dates, locations, and registration for the lectures/workshops (as well as the competition) here. 

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