Startup Week – Showcasing Local Startups

Showcase the innovative entrepreneurs of Debrecen + Eastern Hungary


The aim of the Startup Week Debrecen is to discover and showcase the innovative entrepreneurs of the city and elsewhere in the Eastern region of Hungary and to assist them to connect to the players in the local growth ecosystem including the university, local government, large companies, small and medium enterprises.

Part and parcel of these connections is to help entrepreneurs find investors.

The goal is to facilitate growth and increase the competitiveness of the entrepreneurial community in Debrecen.

The Startup Week Debrecen brings the Silicon Valley effect to Debrecen for a week, providing an opportunity for local startups and innovative businesses to meet and showcase their stuff.

It also encourages the 100,000’s of young Hungarians who have moved abroad to move home by showing them how liveable, entrepreneurial, and lovable the city has become.

Programmes and ideas: What you can learn at the Startup Week

At the event, you can explore how to become an entrepreneur including opportunities for students and best case practice.

You can also learn more about the cooperation between investors and companies, the different Enterprise Development Programs, and the role of Debrecen in the startup ecosystem of the region.

Date & Place: 24-27 September 2019 – Water Tower Debrecen

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