Success at the Innovation Competition

Two students of the András Mechwart Mechanical Engineering and Informatics High School received second place in the 28th Youth Science and Innovation Talent Competition organized by the Hungarian Innovation Association.


In the contest, 112 young inventors entered the competition of which the jury adopted 74 for progression into the following round.

Students Developed Device to Improve Air Quality

The two students, Imre Vida and Gergely Dremák applied for a system that can provide important information by monitoring air quality. They developed a small, portable device that transmits the results to smartphone via a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

At present, air pollution can be measured by organizations using sensors at high altitudes. However, this does not necessarily reflect the air quality at ground level where it affects us the most.

The students spent months testing and calibrating the sensors before the prototype was born. They are now monitoring the concentration of pollutants at several points in Debrecen. Thanks to the data, for example, alternative routes can be offered to drivers, thus reducing pollution and increasing the air quality in some parts of the city.

Image by ohamed Hassan from Pixabay


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