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Summer Break in Kindergartens and Nurseries in 2023

The annual opening hours of kindergartens and nurseries has been decided.

In the case of kindergartens, the summer break will last for six weeks, and the institutions will be closed from the 10th of July to the 18th of August, 2023. During this period, on-call services are provided by the following institutions:-

  • Áchim András Street Kindergarten (4030 Debrecen, Áchim András utca 20-22.)
  • Alsójózsai Kerekerdő Kindergarten (4225 Debrecen, 13 Alsójózsai u.)
  • Faragó Street Kindergarten (4029 Debrecen, Faragó utca 20-22.)
  • Lehel Street Kindergarten (4032 Debrecen, Lehel Street 18.)
  • Szabadságtelep Kindergarten (4034 Debrecen, Faraktár utca 115.)
  • Tócóskert Kindergarten (4031 Debrecen, Margit tér 18.)

The kindergartens in Debrecen will also be closed during the national winter break. During the winter break, Mosolykert Kindergarten (4027 Debrecen, Fáy András utca 2.) will be on call.

They also decided on the date of kindergarten enrollment, which will be the 26th and 27th of April, 2023. The list of kindergarten districts is available here.

The nurseries will be closed for four weeks, from the 10th of July to the 4th of August 2023, and the Honvéd Utcai Member Institution will be on duty during the summer break.

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