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Lifelong learning at the University of Debrecen

The University of Debrecen wishes to reduce the school leaving rates.

The University of Debrecen supports lifelong learning and helps reduce the dropouts of students in a framework of a complex tender with the development of curriculum, new training and mentoring programs, as well as out-of-school trainings. The project launched by the institution in January, 2017 and the project contributes to improving the performance of the Hungarian higher education.

– The University of Debrecen ensures activities and programs that provide competitive knowledge to our students hereby reducing the dropout rate of students, thanks to the nearly four billion HUF budget.

In addition, it helps to internationalize the institution, make the accumulated knowledge accessible in the region, and accessible for elderly people – put into words Mr. Elek Bartha, Vice Rector of Education, the project manager at the press conference on Friday, where the program was presented.

The headline target of the project which ends in 2021, is to ensure that students who admitted to higher education, successfully complete their studies with a diploma in their hands, and reduce the number of people leaving education without qualifications. In order to achieve this aim, students are assisted in mentoring programs through several faculties.

With the introduction of the new training programs and methodological elements developed within the framework of the project, the institution plans to develop a performance-oriented transformation of higher education and the necessary institutional structure to help strengthen the coherence between training outcomes and economic needs. Within the framework of the project, new study materials will be prepared, which will provide competitive knowledge for the students entering and attending the institution.

Besides the support of students, the methodological and professional preparation of the teachers is also part of the project, so that they can expand their tools and knowledge with the training content and methodologies adapted to the students’ learning needs.

  • Thanks to the digitization of new curricula and elaboration of e-learning curricula, it will make it easier for students to access information, study materials, and in addition to university education, it contributes to serving other forms of the adult education, hereby supporting the European Union’s “Lifelong learning” targets. – detailed Mr. Péter Csatár, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Humanities.

The Senior University, which is part of the program, offers free of charge opportunity for the elderly people to expand their scientific knowledge and broadens the scope of the university’s third missionary activities.

In addition to the age-related coverage, the project also facilitates the territorial accessibility of higher education services by expanding the training programs planned at the Kisvárda Community Higher Education Training Centre, participating as a consortium partner. The tourism training to be launched there is expected to reach areas where it is more difficult for young people who wish to study at the University of Debrecen.

Another very important faculty initiative is to place students’ practical training in districts that help with a disadvantaged or complex program, hoping that it will result in closer cooperation in catching up with these areas.

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