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National Vaccine Factory Construction Will Begin in 100 Days

The Debrecen based investment has been declared as a priority project by the government.

At the end of January Prime Minister Orbán announced that a vaccine factory would be built in the country. As he told Kossuth Rádió the national vaccine factory will be built in Debrecen, and its design has already begun. The University of Debrecen also played a major role in the preparation. Rector Zoltán Szilvássy said at the recent Senate meeting, that the development progresses at a good pace. He added that a plant specifically for the production of coronavirus vaccines will be built in addition to the vaccine factory.

The national vaccine factory will not be in Debrecen by accident, the necessary knowledge for vaccine production is available at the University of Debrecen and will ensure the self-sufficiency of Hungarians and the Carpathian Basin area for vaccine production. The facility will increase the capacity needed, necessary to respond to future epidemics and infectious diseases, available from the end of 2022.

It will hopefully become our national pride, László György


László György said that the preparation of the investment had already started, even before the pandemic, and the main goal was to increase the security of the domestic vaccine supply. The Secretary of State added that vaccine production is one of the most profitable investments and it can also produce for export, in addition to being a highly innovative industry.

According to the Prime Minister, the new plant will be built in the industrial park of the University of Debrecen on Vezér Street in approximately one and a half years from an investment of HUF 55 billion.

The countdown has started, the foundation stone of the national vaccine factory will be laid in Debrecen in a hundred days, László György announced in May.

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