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The Csokonai Theatre Will Be Ready by Mid-summer

The construction of the Csokonai Theatre and the underground car park on Sas Street is on schedule.

Miklós Bakos, CEO of Hunép Zrt., spoke on local television’s programme about the modernisation of the Csokonai Theatre taking place in the city center, as well as the construction of the underground car park located on Sas Street.

“Our colleagues are carrying out the final installation of the technology, and the theatre will be opened in the middle of this summer. It was a big challenge for us to do the major foundation work in a historic environment. We are now perfecting the acoustic elements (amplification, effects lighting, stage technology) that will give this theatre its essence, which is unique and top class even at a European level,” he said. He added that the exterior environment had been finalised, while the interior is being completed with a smaller staff.

He said that an extra level had to be deepened under the stage compared to the old stage while retaining the structural walls surrounding the building. This is where the hoisting technology and the elements of the revolving stage were installed, which shall give the directors a huge amount of freedom of movement during performances.

“The stage will be of the double turntable type, which is unique in Hungary, so not only will the central part rotate, but it will be surrounded by another turntable that can also move independently to meet the director’s every need,” he stressed.

The work is also being visited by children, with the company’s colleagues giving them a demonstration in several rounds, combined with a playful quiz.

He also referred to the project in Sas Street, which, according to the CEO, is unique because of its final technical characteristics, as it is an underground car park with 207 parking spaces for both conventional and electric vehicles, built on four levels minus one.

He added that the development has many phases, including the construction of the working pit retaining wall and the construction of the structure that will go into it. It will not be a traditional fast-track garage, but a more rigorous method of control than the industry expects has been introduced to ensure safety.

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