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The Deadline for Paying the Local Tax in Debrecen Was Extended

New Deadline 31st March 2020

The deadline for paying local tax has been extended to March 31, and taxpayers receive the invoice through a new system.

Due to the change in legislation, taxpayers will no longer be notified directly by the local government but by a central application.

Those who are obliged to communicate electronically receive it at their company digital portal (cégkapu), while those who are not obliged to receive it remain by mail. Debrecen municipality has decided to extend the deadline by two weeks to make sure that no taxpayer will be late with the payment.

The deadline for the payment of local taxes, cars and motor vehicle taxes was extended to the end of the month, 31st March 2020.

The municipality expects this year’s revenue from a total of HUF 21.5 billion from the taxes on business, construction, tourism, and vehicles. Companies can pay local taxes by wire transfer, while entrepreneurs and individuals can pay local taxes by post. The latter can now do so via the E-Self-Government (E-Önkormányzat) Portal by logging in “Ügyfélkapu” first.

Photo credit: Image by William Iven from Pixabay


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