The Debrecen Music School Will Be Stunning

The renovation of the Debrecen Music School (Zenede) is almost finished and it looks amazing.


The Debrecen Music School (Zenede) has operated since 1862, which is now for more than 150 years. Today, as a Music primary, Secondary Grammar and Comprehensive School, it provides an excellent basic and higher level music education for students as well as background for professional and amateur choirs.

Following its Italian Renaissance and eclectic style construction, it won its present image after the 1927 and was declared a protected building.

Over the years, the Music School became rundown and so in 2018, the local government published a public procurement for the renovation of the Music School to restore its beauty and improve its energy-efficiency.

The public works contracts included the restoration of the external structures of the historic building, the thermal insulation of the interior courtyard, and the addition of thermal insulation on the inside, roof insulation and the modernization of building electrical and building systems.

The Music School Will Be Not Only Stunning But Smart Too

According to the project description, the existing outdoor and indoor lighting systems will also be upgraded.

They will install not just any lighting, but smart meters and sensors that are connected to the energy subsystem of the Urban Management Center, which is part of the Debrecen Smart City system.

This technology will help track and optimize the energy consumption of the building.

The investment is part of the New Phoenix Plan, and it may enable further internal renovation of the Music School later.

See the renewed facade of one of the most beautiful buildings in Debrecen. We already love it!


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