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The Délibáb Shopping Centre Is Likely To Be Demolished

At the last town council meeting, the Délibáb department store and its site were among the topics discussed.

The building housing the Délibáb Shopping Centre has been standing for more than four decades. It is outdated and outmoded, so the building needs replacing. Its replacement will be a time-consuming project.

At the last town council meeting, the Délibáb department store and its site were among the topics discussed. Members discussed the issue in the context of the amendment of the local building code and land-use planning ideas. The meeting also discussed the planned real estate development project, which will be part of the modernisation of the area and the district. The Délibáb project was discussed by the owner of the area, István Herdon, Chairman and CEO of the Xanga Group, on the local televinsion’s programme. 

What will be built on the site of the Délibáb in Debrecen will be completely green, he said, adding that they bought the building from private individuals more than four years ago.

He said such an investment requires consultation with the building authority and the city’s chief architect’s office, as it is a sensitive site in the middle of a residential area. The new building would also have to fit in with the urban development strategy.

Together, the options have been carefully examined. It was found that the building needed to be updated, with internal mechanical, electrical and drainage systems that were outdated, problematic and in need of replacement. Renovation of the site was considered first, followed by extension and renovation, but ultimately demolition seems the most likely option. The parking situation on the site is a major issue for the city and potential tenants.

Quality shops have not rented space in the shopping center because their customers and clients need a place to park and want quality services in the building.

Parking spaces will be underground on several levels, and retail (commercial level) will come back in the same size. The services there will be complemented by functions that are justified by the market survey, and apartments will be added on the upper floors.

“We plan to have a permit plan in place by August, allowing us to start the investment. This should be an optimised building, in terms of functionality and quality, considering current costs and opportunities and meeting the external requirements while offering appropriate rents for tenants. It will be completely green, which is almost a basic requirement,” István Herdon stressed. 

Finally, he said that it is realistic to envisage a new building replacing the Délibáb store by 2026.

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