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The Development of the Csokonai Forum is Entering the Final Stages

Mayor László Papp announced that the development of the Csokonai Forum is progressing well.

The ten meter diameter revolving stage has already been completed, and currently the structure of the porch system above the auditorium and the walking surface of the porch system above the stage are being prepared. Thanks this investment, the most modern stage technology will be included.

The acoustic wall covering has been completed in the Orpheum, and the sound and lighting cabling installation is underway. The work continues with the construction of the acoustic suspended ceiling and then with the floor covering.

The Csokonai Forum covers more than 5,000 square feet of theater.

As previously reported, the Csokonai Forum on Csapó Street may start operating in the first half of next year. It means if both the renovation of the Csokonai Theater and the Csokonai Forum are completed, up to 1,200 theater-goers can be seated in theater spaces in the evenings.

The Csokonai Forum will have two large theater units: the chamber theater, which would take the name of Zoltán Latinovits, while the studio theater will bear the name of Árpád Kóti.

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