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The Distribution of LED Bulbs Has Started

The distribution of LED bulbs, one of the largest energy-saving residential programmes in Debrecen, has started. On the first day of the distribution drive Mayor of Debrecen László Papp, and local councillors joined the event.

More than 6,000 households have registered for the free LED replacement programme, which means 77,000 LED bulbs have been handed over to the population, László Papp said. The mayor added that he hopes they can make a major contribution to the energy-efficient transition, cost savings and awareness-raising of households in this period of energy crisis.

The mayor stressed that this action fits in well with this approach. The Future of Debrecen (the city’s Green Working Group), the afforestation programmes, and the panel programme, which will be relaunched this year, will contribute significantly to reducing the city’s carbon emissions. This, together with institutional renovations, will form a whole that will make Debrecen a very environmentally conscious city.

“Between 170 and 470 households registered by the district. Family house zones and suburban areas were more active,”  Viktor Papp, leader of the Fidesz-KDNP parliamentary group, said. 

Registrants could apply for bulbs for two types of sockets. For the E 27 type (thick) socket, LEDs with the old wattages of 100, 75, 60 and 40W, and for the E 14 type (thinner) socket, LEDs with the old wattages of 60 and 40W.

The residential LED replacement programme is a collaboration between the municipality and CYEB Energiamegoldások Kft.

The LED bulbs will be distributed at the Kölcsey Centre between the 1st and 14th of April.

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