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The Exhibition of Debrecen’s Cultural Treasury Is Open for One More Week

An exhibition presenting a decade of Debrecen's Cultural Treasure is on display at the New Town Hall until the 5th of March 2023.

The joint exhibition of the Debrecen Municipality, the Debrecen Value Depository, DEMKI, and the Hajdú-Bihar County Archives of the Hungarian National Archives can be seen until 5th March, at the New Town Hall.

Thanks to the craftsmen/artisans who pass on the traditions of our ancestors, the crafts are still practiced today. This exhibition material is not collected from museums. It was produced by creative craftsmen who make a living from these crafts today,” Andrea Mátrai-Nagy, secretary of the Debrecen Value Committee and curator of the exhibition said.

For centuries, Debrecen’s mentality has been characterized by the preservation of tradition but also by dynamic development and renewal. The Local Treasury’s task is to take stock of the values and achievements of the community that have become decisive on the way from the past to the present. The number of cultural treasures added to the register has reached more than 130 over the years, according to the Debrecen Local Treasures website.

In terms of places, the Reformed Great Church, which has since become a national monument, and the Great Forest, which was included in the Debrecen Register of Values in 1939 with serial number one, are among the nation’s nature conservation areas and were among the first to be included in the Register. There is the Debrecen Reformed College, the  lycium tree, the University of Debrecen, Kossuth Square, the Déri Museum, the Alföldi Printing House, and last but not least Hortobágy, which is inseparable from Debrecen.

Among the Debrecen artists who have shaped the canons of national culture were Mihály Csokonai Vitéz, Lőrinc Szabó, Magda Szabó, Ferenc Medgyessy, Árpád Tóth, Mihály Fazekas and the Ady Society, the Csokonai Circle, and the Herbarium of Méliusz, as well as the legacy of György Déri, who gave the city a collection that rivals that of the Ethnographic Museum, and which has not been fully exhibited to date. They emphasize that Debrecen has a duty to preserve the tradition-forming oeuvre, the intellectual heritage, the material legacy of the painter Sándor Makoldi, and the Déri legacy.

The Debrecen Flower Carnival, the Debrecen Summer University, and the International Bethlehem Meeting, which has since been included on the Unesco list, are outstanding achievements and values in the presentation and promotion of Hungarian cultural heritage, the Béla Bartók International Choir Competition and Folklore Festival, the Debrecen bathing culture, the Debrecen ceramics, pottery, pottery, gingerbread, Debrecen handicrafts, among which the embroidery of the Debrecen small bundle and the Debrecen beaded pillow are special values.

The gastronomic values of Debrecen have been included in the local heritage: the Debrecen paired sausage, but we are equally proud of the Debrecen stuffed cabbage and honey products.

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