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The Faculty of Technology of the University of Debrecen Supplies Marketable Degrees and Work Prospects

The Faculty of Technology of the University of Debrecen is the outstanding center of technical higher education in Eastern Hungary.

The Faculty of Technology of the University of Debrecen  provides undergraduate courses for young people who are about to be admitted to the faculties of architecture, civil engineering, technical management, mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, mechatronics engineering, environmental engineering, and aeronautical engineering.

Students with a BSc degree can choose from master’s degrees in architecture, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, facilities engineering, mechatronics engineering, technical management, sports engineering, urban engineering, and electrical engineering.

While the number of students enrolled in technical courses in almost all higher education institutions in Hungary has slightly decreased in recent years, the University of Debrecen’s Faculty of Engineering still attracts around 3,000 students. 

Dean of the Faculty Géza Husi said that the practical acquisition of knowledge is excellently served by the external chairs operating in various companies, 9 of which have already been set up with the support of industrial partners.

The institute also trains technical teachers and offers 11 courses for non-Hungarian-speaking students. The number of international students exceeds a thousand, mostly from Africa and Asia. 

More than 30 postgraduate engineering courses are also available at the Faculty of Technology. Most of these are specialized in engineering, such as plastics technologies, modeling, and quality, i.e., TQM and LEAN, but there is also an option for railway track construction.

Existing courses are complemented by new specializations, mainly adapted to the needs of the automotive companies and other enterprises established in Debrecen.

Géza Husi also reported that the faculty’s assets had undergone a huge development in the last ten years, and the equipment and quality of the laboratories meet European standards. Almost 80 percent of the engineering graduates were formerly practicing engineers, and the proportion of those with academic degrees is well over 50 percent.

Two-thirds of their  students come to their final exams already knowing where they will find a job. 

In addition to studying, the Faculty of Technology in Debrecen offers students a wide range of leisure activities, including high-quality sports and cultural events.

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