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The Family Support Centre Completed

The staff of the Family and Child Welfare Centre can now help families in need in greater numbers.

Thanks to the building, they can meet more goals, said Mr. László Papp, mayor of Debrecen, at the opening ceremony on the 12th of December. For a long time, they were wondering where to find a good place for this task, and finally, the facility has found its new home at the former Youth Park. The institution has six units in the city, hereby it was difficult to do the job well logistically.

– The professionals are in contact with 1,600 families and 1,100 children; this number also shows the need for its services and claim for the work of the employees. With the development of more than 600 million HUF, a united, central building was created not only for families but also for keeping the contact and communication between the different generations. As we promised a few years ago for the senior organizations in Debrecen, we take care of them, the grandparents as well. – he added.

There will be 52 people working in the building and those who are in contact with them will face much better conditions. In addition, retired organizations can also do their work here.

The final equipment of the building and the design of the park are still in progress and it will be completed at the beginning of 2019.

– The investment was created by a government and municipal co-operation with EU support of 500 million HUF, to which the city contributed with 100 million HUF. One of the key moments of social basic care is the Family and Child Welfare Centre which supports the renewal of the community – emphasized Mr. Attila Fülöp, Deputy State Secretary for Churches, Minorities and Civil Affairs.

He added: the building could raise the awareness for the fact that the existence of social workers lies in the power of human relationships. The centre is about social assistance and community building at the same time, the feeling of “I belong somewhere”.

The head of the institution, Ms. Aurélia Ibolya Orosz, said that the centre provides assistance and support to all the children and families of the city and the district. Since 2016, the family support and child welfare services have worked together so they can help in a more holistic way.

– Beyond the basics, we can provide more and more special services: we provide street social work, emergency services, legal assistance, psychological consultancy, family consultation, and all the help that families need for their daily lives” – he added.

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