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The Future of Debrecen is Green

"We are young, we are from Debrecen, we are green. Go green with us!" Was the message of the introductory video by the new Green group.

future2 - The Future of Debrecen is Green

The founders of the new group announced the start of the movement, aptly, on World Water Day, live on their Facebook page. The Future of Debrecen also launched a website , on which a number of interesting sections holding information about what is going on in the city and how everyone can contribute. 

According to Mrs. Zsuzsa Pálfi the most important thing is to change our values, our lifestyle. In the context of environmental protection the agricultural enginner stated that the path of environmental protection can turn into a road if we walk on it enough!

Veronika Szent-Peter-Nagy talked about the importance of developing a community where the transfer of information and knowledge takes place. As he said, he finds that there are many ordinary heroes living in the city who do things for the environment.

At the launch event Mayor László Papp he felt that there is a great purpose in this community, whose members take responsibly about the future of Debrecen. He added that he feels it is incredibly important that such a strong alliance is formed for the cause.

There are indeed many of us in Debrecen who behave in an environmentally conscious way, but that is not enough, because as long as I see a single discarded plastic bag on the street, I know we still have work to do! 

The mayor emphasized. László Papp added: important steps have been taken about the green future of the city with the launch of the Civaqua program.

Csaba Aradi taught environmental and nature protection and ecology at the University of Debrecen, then he was the director of the Environmental Inspectorate and the Hortobágy National Park. The specialist will run a podcast on the Future of Debrecen site.

Csaba Aradi said that knowledge is needed for environmental protection, but it also requires a heart, and he feels that it is present in this group, and he is always looking forward to meeting the members of the working group.   

Ákos Balázs, the dreamer of the Green Working Group, recalled that when he was commissioned for the position of deputy mayor, his first thought was: we need a good team. 

“I am very proud of those who undertook to work for the city, to take part in this work, as our goal is to pass on Debrecen to our children and grandchildren in a better condition than we received from our predecessors,” Ákos Balázs emphasized. 

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