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The Government Office Announced a Public Hearing regarding the CATL Battery Factory

Those interested will receive information on the investment of the CATL battery factory, its conditions and environmental effects on 20th January.

The Government Office will hold a public hearing on the matter. Announcing the public forum, Mayor of Debrecen László Papp said that those attending would receive objective information, as Debrecen4U reported.

CATL is planning to build a battery factory on a 221-hectare site in the Southern Economic Zone at the cost of more than EUR 7 billion. Some 9,000 new jobs will be created by the Chinese giant, which has come under fire for its heavy water use. Ferenc Gorján, CEO of the Debrecen Water Company has previously said that concerns about the battery factory’s water demand were unfounded. He stressed that Debrecen used even more water than this in the 1980s and that there were reserves, with more than 100,000 cubic meters available daily in the city.

“We cannot withdraw more than this, as this is the daily replenishment rate, and under strict rules and with strict control by the authorities to maintain the stability of the water supply, we cannot withdraw more water than the potentially available water supply,” he said.

Before Christmas, a government decree was published to supply gray water to Debrecen’s industrial zones so factories would use less drinking water. Funds must be secured by March.

At the initiative of the mayor of Debrecen, a public forum was held to provide objective information about the factory. The mayor confirmed that everyone, from the authorities to the city administration, is committed to ensuring maximum compliance with the rules.

The Government Office has also announced a public hearing on the subject for 20th of January 2023.

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