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The Hungarian Finswimming World Champion Won Her 50th Gold Medal

Petra Senánszky, Finswimming World Champion was competing in Aix-en-Provence, France on the Easter weekend.

Petra Senánszky, Member of the Debrecen Diving Club won in the 50 and the 100-meter fin-swimming confidently. Since 2008, she has won the 50th and 51st prize in the history of the Finswimming World Championship.

In the current tournament, there were nearly 500 competitors from 85 associations, but there was no one who could defeat her.

“It is unique even in the international history of sport that someone can win for such a long time. I dare to risk that you won’t see such performance in any other sport. It is not a question that Petra is slowly becoming an iconic figure of the finswimming and she is already preparing for the 2021 World Games. ”

Petra won her first gold in Hajdúszoboszló in 2008

Petra won the first gold medal in the Hungarian turnaround in Hajdúszoboszló. She managed to win this prestigious international competition with 100 national tops. Afterward, however, the events sprung up quickly, and I was surprised that I already had over 50 gold medals.

“Of course, there are many well-trained young people out there, whose main goal is to defeat me ”, Petra stressed.

“As for the world cups, I don’t promise 100, but as long as it brings joy, I’m sure to swim a few more times. There are two years to the next World Games, and I would like to continue to carve out my time. It is not so easy anymore, but fortunately, I am constantly facing new challenges. There are always new training tasks and my inexperienced trainer will not leave me alone for a moment … ”- she laughed.


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