The India House of the Nyíregyháza Zoo may open in May 2021

The construction of the attraction that will showcase the wildlife of India and Southeast Asia, is at 75 percent completion.

The structure of the building was completed, the facade was painted, the interior works, boxes, enclosures, the design of the visitor areas are currently being carried out by specialists. The development of the exterior landscaping and runway design will begin later.

The house of India will showcase the wildlife of India and Southeast Asia. Those entering here will be greeted by the ocean’s coastal landscape, and black-spotted reef sharks will swim in the exotic pools. The building, decorated with live plant decorations and reliefs will also house a special collection of turtles.

In addition to birds and reptiles, India’s “pet,” the snake, will be introduced, and visitors will be able to gain insight into the life of the Indian people and the country’s rich cultural life. The India House will house a sixty-seat, multi-purpose training and community space. A feed storage will also be built that will solve the food storage problems of the five-thousand-animal park. 

The new attraction will be the breeding base for Indian rhinos currently living in the Green Pyramid. Those animals and their catwalks will be visible through large glass surfaces.

The new attraction of the Nyíregyháza Zoo is financed from the Regional and Settlement Development Operational Program. The value of the development is HUF 820 million.

Photo credit: Marcello Rabozzi from Pixabay