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The New Gym in Liget Square Has Been Completed

Within the framework of the National Leisure – Health Sports Park Program, the third fitness park has recently been completed in Debrecen. This follows the earlier completion of the Péter Veres Garden and the Arany János Park, previous projects also completed as part of the program. People living in the area of Liget Square can now benefit from the facilities.

The 176-square-foot sports park has been rubber-coated for ease of use, minimal maintenance, and long life while dampening any falls that may occur. In addition, a total of 6 groups of elements were constructed. The sports equipment individually and the sports park as a whole have been designed in accordance with EN 16630: 2015.

The investment cost was HUF 16 million, which was financed by BMSK Zrt. within the framework of the national program.

Thanks to the collaboration, 5 more sports park are planned to be built in Debrecen:
• Nagysándor settlement – Furulya u. Property number 2;
• Hatvan street garden – Bartók Béla u. Property number 76;
• Erzsébet utca public park – Erzsébet-Ispotály utca public park;
• Kandia Street playground – playground between Kandia Street and Klaipeda Street;
• Debrecen-Józsa – on the property of the Gönczy Pál street sports center.

Similar to Liget Square, the installation of these sports fields will be financed by BMSK Zrt., with a total of 80 million HUF. The municipality of Debrecen ensures the maintenance of the area and the sports fields.

In addition to the National Leisure – Health Sports Park Program, the Municipality of Debrecen will also establish fitness parks in Széna Square, and the construction of a track at Mikepércsi út is underway. Gyms have been established in the Dobozikert, Sestakert, and Vánkert as part of the Green City program.

After the new gym, the comprehensive renovation of Liget Square will start in the coming weeks within the framework of the Cívis Local Opportunities Debrecen Program. The program includes the creation of a baby playground with a play castle, a slide and spring toys, an event space with a stage, and a pedestrian promenade, as well as the placement of benches, waste bins, and the modernization of green areas. The total budget of the EU program entitled “Ours is the space here” is HUF 23 million, as announced Mayor László Papp.


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