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The Phoenix Hall – A 21st Century Sports Venue

The Commissioner explained how the facility in Debrecen will be renovated.

The Veszprém Arena is expanding to 8500 seats, and the new sports hall will be completed in Szeged by September 2021. The Phoenix Hall in Debrecen will be renovated to prepare for the Hungarian-Slovak common organized men’s handball European Championship in 2022.

Mr. Gábor Bardóczy, Government Commissioner of the European Handball Championship in 2022, said in the TV show called „Today’s situation” at Sport TV channel on Monday, that an arena with a minimum of 18,000 seats should be built and this multifunctional sports hall will be in Budapest.

The Phoenix Hall needs to be renewed to provide such an infrastructure for athletes which meets the requirements of the 21st century.

  • Bardóczy said. He emphasized that the building should be examined statistically, and the electricity and mechanical engineering should also be examined in the Debrecen facility. But they also need to pay attention that European Union directives will be introduced from 2021, such as 25 percent of the used energy should be composed of recycled energy. The renovation is already taking place in light of this.

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