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The University Libraries Renewed

The renovation of the two libraries of the University of Debrecen is scheduled for completion in December.

The renovation of two of the libraries of the University of Debrecen begun in August is planned to be completed in December. The building work affected the Library of Humanities and Natural Sciences (BTEK) library in the Main Building, as well as the Library of Life Sciences located on the University Campus Square.

BTEK has modernized the readers’ room: and the furniture has been updated with new shelving and wall coverings, while a new open shelf space has been created in the foyer as well, primarily for popular literature.

The most important change is in the Life Science Library to the 2nd-floor study rooms, which can now satisfy a long-standing user need. The newly designed five rooms will be suitable for 8-10 people for meetings, joint learning or lectures. On the third floor, besides the study rooms, a multifunctional auditorium has been set up.

The university has received HUF 300 million from European Union funding for the renovation.


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