The World Famous MIT University Opens a Research Center in Debrecen


One of the world’s leading universities, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is starting a health research program at the University of Debrecen as previously announced in October 2019.

The MIT Catalyst program, which has been successful in the United States for seven years, is launching in 2020 in partnership with GE Healthcare. Like MIT, the global headquarters of GE Healthcare, which supports the program, is also based in Boston, USA.

The signed agreement is about research and development focusing on digital medicine, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and sports medicine.

Over the past seven years, 34 fellows have participated in the program’s four training centers, assisted by fifty mentors. MIT Catalyst is a training program that aims to create marketable health research projects. The program has 88 research teams in 31 institutions, 16 of which have reached project or product development, and 5 have started.

In the first phase, 3 hubs will be set up in Europe: in addition to Madrid and Erlangen, Debrecen will become a fully-fledged European training center.

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