Thyssenkrupp is expanding and increasing production in Debrecen

Thyssenkrupp, the German-based company started producing car parts in Debrecen last year, but it is already increasing production.


Thyssenkrupp is expanding its production hall with a tight deadline. The production continues uninterrupted. More than one hundred stabilizers are bent per hour at the Thyssenkrupp Debrecen factory.

The workflow is already efficient, but even more car parts will be produced, once the new production hall is built, – it will double the company’s production.

“It is very important that we can meet the market demands and the dedicated expansion of the factory will make this possible soon. The work started in January 2019,” said István Szabó, plant manager.

The Thyssenkrupp factory is located at the University Innovation Center, right next to the current one. The current hall will be expanded by 4500 square meters and a 1000 sqm covered building area will be also built. The construction will be completed by early September.

“Those who follow our work know that we are brave, we love the challenges, we also have to deal with a relatively short, eight-month implementation deadline,” said Zoltán Nagy, Project Manager at Dryvit Profi Kft.

The Thyssenkrupp factory in Debrecen currently has two hundred employees. The company initially wanted to increase the number of employees to 250 employees by 2020 but has already reached this number. Once the construction of the new factory is finished, the number of employees is likely to increase by another 50-70 employees.

Photo credit: Thyssenkrupp


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