Tócóskert and Tócóvölgy Will Be Renovated

If you live in the Tócóskert or Tócóvölgy, you can expect some great new parks, skate-parks and sports facilities.


Phoenix Program update: 11 districts of the city will be renovated from European and municipal sources within the new Phoenix Program.

In December 2018, the modernization of the Libakert began, followed by the renovation of Dobozikert in March 2019. The next two districts that will be renovated are the Sestakert and the Vénkert.

In most districts, walkways, parks, and sports grounds will be renovated; and dog runner and skate-parks will be built.

What You Can Expect in Tócóskert and Tócóvölgy.

According to public procurement tender, a parking lot will be built in the front of Kishegyesi út 36-50. The area of the abandoned open outdoor market will be settled, the promenade “László Holló” and the promenade perpendicular to it will also be renewed.

In addition, an indoor but open event space will be also developed, several building, parks, green areas and the sports ground of István Street will be modernized.

Good news for dog owners that a new dog runners will be built alonside the István street.

The area to be developed is a total of 100,000 square meters. The local government will spend nearly 800 million HUF on the investments in the Tócóskert.


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